• Getting Started

    Whether daycare or sleepover, your canine's adventure at Planet Pooch begins here. In just 3 steps, your pooch will be bounding about, meeting friends, and enjoying the days that you're away.

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    Provide us some basic information in our application and provide us with your dog’s vaccine history. Then call to set up a friendliness evaluation.

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    Friendliness Evaluation

    Bring your dog in and we’ll measure their sociability. We start with one canine ambassador that makes most dogs feel safe and comfortable. Then, we bring your dog into the playgroup area to interact with dogs representing various behaviors your pooch may encounter. Finally, we add more dogs to see if your dog remains confident. A tour of the facility and a quick overview of the pick-up and drop-off procedures finish the process.

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    Schedule A Visit


    Use our convenient online scheduling system and we will send you an email confirmation based on availability and current vaccination status. Bring your pooch to Planet Pooch and check-in. When you're busy or in a rush, you're going to love

    90-second check-in/check-out and the time you'll save.

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    Apply Now

    to schedule a friendliness evaluation.

  • Start Your Application

    We're excited for your pooch to join the pack at Planet Pooch. Click below to submit an application and remember to call us at (650) 364-7792 to schedule your dog’s friendliness evaluation.

  • Conveniently Located, with Live Webcams

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    Just 5 minutes off 101

    • 27,000 square feet of usable play space
    • 275 gallon pool
    • Outdoor activity area
    • Climate controlled
    • Full grooming salon
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    Watch Your Pooch Live On Webcam

    Watch your pooch playfully bound about using our live webcams. Occasionally, we move packs to different rooms, so if you don't see your pooch in his or her regular room, check out the other rooms too.